Business protection
is the prerogative of professionals


1. Protection of objects, premises.
We follow the principles of safety, which meet modern requirements. 
2. Development of rules implementation inside the object regime.
Before carrying out enterprise security project it’s necessary to state so-called “philosophy of safety”. Each time it will sound differently for each company, each separate branch, and each region. 
3. . VIP physical guard.
We analyze and classify potential menaces. If you want to know what is necessary for reducing risk and protect your life, life of your family or prosperity of your company, you turn to us. 
4. Escort of valuable load.
                    Nowadays any business or commercial activity is impossible without transport facilities. Our enterprise gives services in traffic escort while it’s carrying with the means of different transport within the boards of Ukraine. 1. 1. Assembling and maintenance of video surveillance and security complex systems. 
The most important thing for creation of video surveillance reliable system is to determine its aims and solvable problems, its place and role in general structure of security system, to choose necessary equipment and place for cameras installation. You need to remember that video surveillance system is not the final set of security system. That’s why while creating the system of video surveillance technical inspection of the object and draw up the project is necessary. You can trust it to the professionals of the LLC “Security agency Svarog” . 
2. Installation of turnstile, electromagnetic catches with login access. 
Control system will allow you to solve next problems on you enterprise: 
  •  no admittance for unauthorized persons to the territory of the object; 
  •  reduction of theft of tangible property and documents; 
  •  simplification of passes giving out system;
  •  increasing of working discipline; 
  •  reduction of efforts for stock taking; 
  •  rational spending of wage fund. 1. Development, introduction and support of information system (IS0 27000). 
2. Audit, development and introduction of corrective actions. 
3. Utilization of information and the system of irrevocable, momentary abolition of data. 
In last few years enterprises say about the problem of combination of the means of security with the information security. Interest in this problem is based on the growing threat of coordinated attack on the enterprise, when attempts of deactivation of informational means of control are accompanied with the actions of overcoming the system of physical security.
Advantages are obvious. It means the reduction of prices on security (to control one system is more favorable that to control few ones) and the growth of the level of coordination between all types of security (video surveillance, physical control, security of networks e.t.c.), and new possibilities in remote control and management of guard from one center. Firm specialists pass complex inspection, and afterwards they make suggestions directed to the elimination of the reasons which could influence security or lead to negative consequences. 
Sampling test is a psychological examination of working places, subject interlocution, standardizing interview and studying of necessary documents (functional duties of workers). Satisfaction of debts in extrajudicial and legal forms. Our agency is focused first of all at extrajudicial part of work companies-debtors, and the court gets the affairs only when it’s expedient.




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