Business protection
is the prerogative of professionals

All Types of Security Services:

1. Protection of objects, premises. 
2. Development of rules implementation inside the object regime. 
3. VIP physical guard. 
4. Escort of valuable load.
1. Assembling and maintenance of video surveillance and security complex systems. 
1. Installation of turnstile, electromagnetic catches with login access. 
1. Development, introduction and support of information system (IS0 27000)/ 
2. Audit, development and introduction of corrective actions. 
3. Utilization of information and the system of irrevocable, momentary abolition of data.
1. Firm specialists pass complex inspection, and afterwards they make suggestions directed to the elimination of the reasons which could influence security or lead to negative consequences. 
2. Sampling test is a psychological examination of working places, subject interlocution, standardizing interview and studying of necessary documents (functional duties of workers).
Satisfaction of debts in extrajudicial and legal forms. Our agency is focused first of all at extrajudicial part of work companies-debtors, and the court gets the affairs only when it’s expedient.