Business protection
is the prerogative of professionals

                                                                                                    ABOUT US

Open Company «Security agency Svarog» - the versatile quickly growing security enterprise, which is rendering services in the sphere of complex safety of Security Objects. We render the services connected with the protection of state and other property of citizens, on the basis of the License ¹393420 which was issued by the Security service department by the ÌIA of Ukraine. The basis of our activity is the ability to give the clients high-quality decisions in security sphere, using the long-term experience, new approaches in technical equipment of secured objects.
Our detachment consists of the former employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs services, Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defense, who have the long-term experience in the sphere of solving any problems. Our efforts are directed on rendering the clients the basic spectrum of modern security services. The background of our success is professionalism.
Our Agency is a part of the Association of security services of the CIS countries. That’s why cooperation with us gives advantages to Clients in solving problems not only in all regions of Ukraine, but also abroad.

The professional approach, stainless reputation, reliability, confidentiality, reasonable prices all these principles help our agency to work successfully in the market of security services, and to strengthen relations with the Clients. 
At negotiations with the client we always remember, that the client orders not simply one of the closest service for himself, but he orders services on which his wealth and sometimes his life depend. We always remember that the client transfers a considerable part of his personal safety in our hands. We never promise more than we can actually do, because the disparity of the promise very often can lead to irreparable consequences. 
Our employees always remember that there is a trade secret and the confidential information and they build the mutual relations with clients, considering this important question. 


To insure the protection for the clients with application of technical and other possible ways within the limits of the law of Ukraine.   

Our agency is a modern Company with extremely new approach to the control system and the control of protection, having the reputation of the reliable and skilled partner in the sphere of solving professional problems.   


Today the majority of the companies at first decides the protection of their business and only then it’s development. 
We offer not simply the protection of your business, but highly qualified security services. After all for insurance of security of your activity, it is not enough to fence the territory and to put the security guard on winch. To improve the security there’s a need in complete approach, the protection not only from external threats, but also from the internal ones is necessary. Internal threats form 70 %, while external – only 30 %. Here’re some threats:

  • Disloyal or unfair employees;
  • Candidates on vacancy, with the doubtful past;
  • Threat of information leakage that concerns trade secret;
  • Informational safety of the enterprise;
  • Doubtful covenanter;
  • The solving of questions in the CIS countries.

Only «Security agency Svarog», provides highly qualified protection of your business. Our work begins not with construction of walls and installation of lattices on windows. We begin with the analysis of work of the organization, audit of information safety for detection of the most critical processes, and its attendants. The circle of employees who own the critical information are revealed. The normative-legal base is created. Measures for removal and minimization of risks are taken. Only after all this measures are taken the decisions for protection subject and object are made. Such method allows us to save up our client’s costs as we clearly see critical objects, and take optimum measures. 
When client agreed we organize the control of internet users of the organization that allows to track unreliable persons among the employees, and to warn against the loss of commercial information. Such measures are precautionary, and, hence, are more efficient. 
Audit of information system will allow developing and introducing of the correctional actions which will result protected organization of informational processes and decrease of expenses on system maintenance.


  69035 Zaporozhye 
  tel. +38 (0612) 28 43 03, 
  fax. +38 (0612)28 43 08